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I am your Blues Sherpa. As a forty year blues musician, I love the history and tradition of great American blues. And, since I live at the epicenter of the Blues Universe in Austin, Texas I get to perform with, interview and talk to some of the best blues musicians and players on the planet. Stick around and don’t forget to get on the mailing list so you can get the Best of Texas Blues Blog right smack in your inbox, mister.

I used to play with a band called The Complainers out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The bandleader’s motto was “The Complainers are who we say they are and the Blues is what we say it is. Keep that in mind.

I don’t profess any magical knowledge of music or blues other what what I’ve researched and studied. I know what I like. (It’s got a beat and you can dance to it).

If you are in Austin, Texas check out the Austin Blues Revue or Stories From the Road – come out and introduce yourself. Lets talk about the Great American Art Form we call the blues.

Post your blues band video link in the comments.

Be kind to each other.

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