T-Bone Walker – The Ultimate Collection


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Walker, a Texas raised guitarist (tutored by a musician who also tutored Charlie Christian), is one of the most influential guitarists of the 20th Century. He was one of the first (along with Charlie Christian) to amplify his instrument in the late 1930’s/early 40’s. His guitar style was a combination of blues and jazz influences. Capable of throwing out incredible solos that were both incendiary and swinging at the same time, his style and tone are easily identifiable across his entire career. Listen to “T-Bone Boogie” from 1944 and then listen to his solos in the 1950’s and you’ll hear what I mean. Also here are some great instrumentals (“Two Bones And A Pick”, “Shufflin’ The Blues”, and “Blues Rock”) with Walker playing alongside the great jazz guitarist Barney Kessel, from the late 50’s. His vocal style (influenced by the great blues pianist/vocalist Leroy Carr) was smoother, and more subtle yet bluesy (reminiscent of early Charles Brown, who is well worth hearing on the JSP 4 CD box set of his early stuff) as opposed to the more declamatory styles heard in Chicago blues from the same period. Walker’s bands were almost always small jump bands with a rhythm section and a couple of horns–but boy could they swing. Also here is Walker as strictly a vocalist (1 track) and also with orchestras of the day.

This set collects just about all the music Walker recorded up through the 1950’s.


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