Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown

List of Albums

  • 1972 The Blues Ain’t Nothin’ (Black and Blue)
  • 1973 Cold Storage (Black and Blue)
  • 1973 Sings Louis Jordan (Black and Blue)
  • 1973 Drifter Rides Again (Barclay)
  • 1974 Gate’s on the Heat (Barclay)
  • 1974 Down South in Bayou Country (Barclay)
  • 1975 Bogalusa Boogie Man (Barclay)
  • 1976 Blackjack (Music Is Medicine)
  • 1977 Heatwave (with Lloyd Glenn) (Black and Blue)
  • 1979 Makin’ Music (with Roy Clark) (One Way)
  • 1981 Alright Again! (Rounder)
  • 1982 One More Mile (Rounder)
  • 1986 Real Life (Rounder)
  • 1989 Standing My Ground (Alligator)
  • 1992 No Looking Back (Alligator)
  • 1994 The Man (Verve/Gitanes)
  • 1996 Long Way Home (Verve/Gitanes)
  • 1997 Gate Swings (Verve/Gitanes)
  • 1999 American Music, Texas Style (Verve/Blue Thumb)
  • 2001 Back to Bogalusa (Verve/Gitanes)
  • 2004 Timeless (Hightone)

This is Gatemouth’s break through “Boogie Uproar” released in 1952 was a tune that linked the past, sophisticated swing to the future: the ferocity of rock and roll. The song has one of the wildest solos in history.

To emulate Brown’s sound and playing approach, capo at the third fret, in which case all notes tabbed at the third fret are equivalent to open strings, and pluck aggressively with your bare thumb and fingers to create a dynamic, percussive attack using an E form (you’ll be in the key of G).

Super cool. Go listen to it again and really check out the first guitar solo! Grab the album here

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