Austin’s Soul Man Sam Evans

Say What? The Strange and Wondrous Journey of Soul Man Sam

Sam Evans didn’t know he was a world class blues crooner until he was in his 40’s. I don’t know how big R&B is in Alaska, but Soul Man Sam Evans was up in the uber Great White North plying his trade prior to coming to Austin, Texas where he now entertains a busy schedule of shows with his SMS Band holding court every Sunday at 8:30pm at the Skylark Lounge in Austin, Texas.

This man has instincts and skills people. Along with an unstoppable vocal capability, working with Sam has been a pleasure. He knows how to take control of a band and bend it to his will – here he takes on a 15 piece group of Texas all-stars and closes the night in typical Sam fashion.

On the holiday release An Austin Blue Christmas, The Texas Horns brought a New Orleans version of Silent night intended to be an instrumental on the album. Upon hearing the cut in the studio, Sam humbly asked if he might sing a version over the tune. The result “Silent Night Reprise” is a standout on the album.

“I sing it like I hear it..” said the Soul Man. Engineer Mark Epstein says “I think the coolest thing is that he knew the lyrics. He is functionally blind so he couldn’t read them. That proved no issue for Sam.

Sam enjoys regular gigs with Jimmie Vaughan, his own band and The Austin Blues Revue. He was recently featuring in Living Blues Magazine and has been memorialized on a large mural at C-Boys, a classic blues venue in Austin. Every Sunday at Skylark is packed with people of all stripes. They have but one thing in common: they are there to see the master hold court and the parade of major artists who swing by just to sit in. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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